Altitude Test – Day 5

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I got up early and struggled to upload pictures to my blog. I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with that, but I think it must be because I’m using my iPad this trip. From now on I will be sure to bring my laptop because it’s much easier to use WordPress in Windows. I also chatted with two good friends (online) and it was good to catch up with them for the first time since we left home.

Jim got up when Christina called and said that they were ready for him to come and pick up our Easy-Up. He left to do that, and I tidied up the RV. Jelly was insisting on a walk, so I got dressed and walked around to the other side of the campground, where there is a small horse ranch right across the road.

Jelly spotted the adorable, very young colt who was romping around in the corral, and she let out one little bark before I shushed her. I said to the woman working the colt, “He’s really beautiful!” And she said, in a very irritated voice, “Yeah but your dog can’t bark. He’s already jumped the fence once because of a dog.” I said, “Well, it wasn’t MY dog,” and walked away. I don’t usually get angry, but she was so rude! She’s right next to a public campground and she should expect to see dogs a lot! I am sorry that I didn’t get a few pictures, though, because the colt is really something special to see.

When Jim came back he said he had already had a muffin for breakfast, so I ate a little something and messed around on my iPad for a while. Okay, I will admit to my Candy Crush addiction – I played the Jelly Saga version until I ran out of lives.

Then I dug into my sewing and finally got things going well with the Tumbling Blocks quilt, plus I got all of my leaders and enders organized and made considerable progress on that project, in between the Tumbling Blocks chains. Sorry, I know only quilters will get what I’m talking about there. Here’s a link to read an explanation if you are interested:

What Are Leaders And Enders?


Here is a picture of my progress on the Tumbling Blocks quilt.
Each row is 108″ long, so that’s 18 diamonds sewn to 18 triangles and then all sewn together into a row. The hardest part is sewing those long rows together, because there are a lot of seams to match up. I finished three of those rows on this day, so that is a total of 20 rows finished – I need 35 rows, plus borders, to complete this King-sized quilt!

When I asked Jim what he wanted to do for dinner he said, “Since you are making good progress on your sewing, why don’t we just have something from the restaurant across the street?” I love that he understands when I’m in the zone!
Jim plans to try to find a fishing spot at Convict Lake tomorrow, so it will be another day of sewing for me. Well, that, and catering to our spoiled Miss Jelly. She’s good company, except when she lies up on the bed watching out the window for Jim to get back.


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